Laramie Energy’s mission is to maintain an excellent reputation as a Rockies oil and gas producer committed to environmental protection, safety, and regional community interests while prudently investing its capital in high potential unconventional oil and gas resource plays that will generate an above average return on investment.


Pride of Ownership


All of our professional employees participate in the long-term success of Laramie Energy. “The Company” is a reflection of all of us and our individual values. We participate in decision making, feel free to challenge ideas, embrace the Company’s problems as our own, and seek solutions to make Laramie Energy an even better operating company.



None of our employees wish to work for a company that is not respected nor trusted within our industry and local communities. Honesty, sincerity, and adhering to a high code of personal and business ethics are core values of our entire team. We are unwilling to pursue success at the expense of our integrity. We honor our commitments.



We value our teammates, both as individuals and for their contributions. We share responsibility and results of both successes and disappointments.

Return on Investment Focus


Our team’s collective goal is to earn an above average return for our investors’ and our employees’ capital. We do not wish to expand for growth’s sake nor pursue investments which will take years to convert to cash flow. We carefully consider the risk and return of each capital investment and challenge ourselves as to whether each opportunity is the highest and best use of our resources given our investment return thresholds.

Environmental Stewardship


The Rocky Mountain West is our home. We strongly believe in minimizing our impact on wilderness areas and ranching or farming communities. We are committed to pollution-free development that leaves the smallest possible footprint on the landscape, maximizes soil conservation, and minimizes disturbances to local landowners. We wholeheartedly support and comply with the stringent policies and guidelines of the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, and state and local governmental regulations that protect the environment.

Community Minded


We desire to be a role model for other gas production companies operating in the Rocky Mountain West by demonstrating that properly managed gas field development is compatible with land and wildlife preservation. Through our drilling of multiple wells from single pad sites, investment in noise reduction equipment, and use of construction methods that emphasize soil and water conservation, we seek to respect the rights of rural surface owners (ranchers, farmers, and our national forests) and neighboring towns.



As one of the pioneers in unconventional gas production, we value people who zealously embrace the challenges of our venture and who are anxious to tackle the difficulties of developing gas production in new areas or by using new technological advances.

Safety Excellence


Safety Excellence – we pay close attention to the safety of our employees, sub-contractors, and the communities in which we operate by maintaining a high awareness and enforcement of safe gas field development and operational practices.



We believe that loyalty to an organization or to an individual is earned, not demanded. We have engaged a highly motivated and skilled team of specialists who care about delivering superior results. We trust our teammates to perform to the best of their abilities every day. We believe this trust is reciprocated by each team member to our collective organization.